#NicolaSaid Being in the moment is flipping difficult….but here’s what Ibiza taught me. Babes.



OK, I’m glad I got that out. #NicolaSaid

HOLA GORGEOUS!!! How are you? I hope all is fabulously well in your world? 🙂

Sooooooo I’m feeling soooo excited because I’ve just got back from Ibiza (I know travel name dropping t**t 🙂 🙂 Anyways, I had THE most fabulous experience there. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this whole ‘being in the moment’ thang. I say it a lot and realised that recently I’ve been well, crap practising it. #NicolaSaid

I was thinking that over the past few months, I’ve been gallivanting allllll over the world (working.obvs.) and a lot of the time I’ve found myself being in some absolutely AMAZING situations/ places and have been over thinking about the future/ past/ how I’m going to fulfil my next goal/ what’s for dinner (phaaaaa :)) you get it. I had a moment when I thought I’m not fully enjoying this particular moment, I’m too busy thinking about the next day/ month/ year. That’s cray cray. I think it’s sooooo important to remember to be FULLY in and ENJOY the moment we are in. (Oh my days if she says moment one more time…..). MOMENT. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! To just be FULLY there. Whether it’s enjoying a meal with family and friends, relaxing on holiday, getting your eyebrows threaded 🙂 whatevs. Just be there. I think it’s important for the people you are with too, all to often we get distracted by phones/ social media/ other commitments etc that we’re not truly there, enjoying and embracing these precious moments. Because that’s what they are, precious moments. #NicolaSaid

I have ALWAYS found #mindfulness and #meditation (not quite sure why I hash tagged those…..I do love a good hashtag tho. #NicolaSaid :)) REALLLLYYYYYYYYYY difficult, as I have MASSIVE monkey mind. Where my mind goes off in tangents thinking about past/ present/ future wayyyyy too much. Don’t get me wrong it’s no bad thing to plan for the future, set goals, learn from the past etc. In fact I cheerleader that shiz. BUT not when it takes you away from what’s really important, the people and places you are experiencing. #NicolaSaid

I’ve found that If I let my monkey mind take over, I absolutely don’t fully enjoy the moment I’m in, YOU control that monkey NOT the other way around.

I went to a fabulous mindfulness and meditation session with a great mate of mine Ria- follow her on ALLLLL the social medias she is a FABULOUS positive WONDER WOMAN!! @riahebden led by the utterly wonderful AJ Bicat (ajbicat.com) In London, it was a fabulous session but one of the biggest things I took from it was to ALLOW myself to observe my monkey mind, if I thought about something I needed to do, plans later, next months job, whatever, I thought about it BUT- bought myself back into the moment. THIS for me was an ABSOLUTE game changer. I’d always assumed I was rubbish at this meditation/ mindfulness thang if I couldn’t completely clear my mind, of everything, which is ridiculous!!! WE ARE HUMANS of course we are going to have thoughts. And it’s OK. But for me, to hear that, that it’s perfectly normal to have the monkey mind, but just to bring your awareness back to the moment has truly changed my way of thinking.

Back to Ibiza, babes…………….

So our FABULOUS resort had lifestyle enrichment activities on offer, and one of them was yoga, mindfulness and meditation. FAB. I went along kind of expecting the same experience I’ve had before. Lovely, relaxing but never life altering. #JustSayin anyways the yoga was great. Being alongside a gorgeous pool in blazing heat probably helped 🙂 But then we headed off to a palm covered area (If you know me well, or even follow me on Insta- as you’ve asked @nicolasaidvoice #SHAMELESS 🙂 you’ll know I FLIPPING LOVE PALM TREES, ALL SIZES ALLLLLL OF THEM) So to practise meditation under loads of them, well, I lost my s**t 🙂 #NicolaSaid I actively thought to myself right, Nicola just try to be completely IN THIS MOMENT. TRY. DAMMIT TRY.

It’s also funny because I was with two of my best mates, and randomly some local kids joined the group and I thought it would be full of kids laughing and not really get into it. HOW WRONG WAS I???!!!!! As soon as I sat on that mat, I felt a sense of pure relaxation and calmness. I absolutely had thoughts that came into my mind, which I observed but VERY quickly came back to the moment I was in. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I hadn’t even realised but we were there under those FABULOUS palms for an HOUR!!!!!

It was such a game changer. Those words again. Because it showed me that by remembering to be in that moment, FULLY and truly, how wonderful life truly is. I found that after this, it sounds funny but it’s true, I truly wholeheartedly enjoyed every moment of that holiday/ vacation (for my fabulous American friends 🙂 ) Every time my mates and I shared a meal, went on road trips, had vino by the pool, watched sunsets whilst seated on inflatable watermelons. Yep. You heard. I WAS FULLY IN IT, IN THAT MOMENT. AND ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY MOMENT of it. I found I connected with people differently, on a deeper level, listened better and LAUGHED LOADS!!!!! Because that’s what it’s all about really, REALLY being there, in the moment with your precious people, sharing laughter, love, creating beautiful memories whilst laying on inflatable watermelons sipping vino or juice. Whatevs. It’s beautiful, as are YOU!!!! Obvs. Babes. #NicolaSaid

See you soon gorgeous!!

Love me xxxxx

Oh, and I just wanted to say…… MOMENT one more time…..haaaaaa #BANTZ 🙂

Laters 🙂





That time I caught up with the TV, Radio, Voiceover legend that is……Greg Scott!!



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After the success of last week’s blog with comedian Danny Buckler, and the fact that I’m REALLY nosy…..I caught up with the hilarious and extremely talented Greg Scott!!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to juggle being a…wait for it…..deep breath…..TV and radio host, voiceover, corporate host ANDDDDDDDD TV warm- up man….PHEW….well sit tight as I managed to stop the man himself and caught up with the lovely Greg….hold tight…here we go!!!!

First and foremost mister Scott may I just say what lovely ankles you have……please explain to our lovely audience……..


Ah – Yes – You’ve been looking at my Twitter bio, haven’t you?! Well I DO have nice ankles. They’re the most attractive part of me.
Well – Those and my appendix.
I suppose I should mention that my Twitter is @GregScottTV, shouldn’t I?
And that my website is http://www.gregscott.tv

What was your first break into the fabulous showbiz world of TV, radio AND voiceover?

Oh cripes! Okay…
First plunge into showbiz in general was hosting a family entertainment show in a big function room in Morecambe that I managed to blag for free in the summer of 1985. I said to the owner, “Give me your room on any nights that aren’t booked… I’ll take the door, you take the bar – Happy days!” It was games, competitions, and kids’ disco music for three hours. The parents could sit and get sozzled whilst watching their little angels having a wonderful time! Big success!

First TV job was in 1987 – I warmed up an audience of 50 sprogs for an ITV kids’ show called “The Ultimate Machine” – A fun, but educational programme about the workings of the human body. I suppose I was asked to get involved as I have such a perfect example of one.


First radio gig was in December 1993 – I did some Christmas cover shifts on Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough. I was either very good, or very cheap, as I was kept on to host the 6pm – 10pm show, which I hosted for two years. In ’95, I left to do some other stuff – Telly presenting and more audience warm-ups, before returning to YCR in 1998 to present the Breakfast Show for three years.


Voiceovers – I’ve never been what one might call “full-time” in this area, but I get enough jobs in to keep me tickling along, together with other stuff that I do. It’s lovely to be able to open an email in my dressing gown (Yes, I keep emails in my dressing gown), see that it’s an order for a VO, and record it there and then. Sometimes I do them naked.
But that’s only if I’m in a studio in Soho.

What attracted you to this wonderful showbiz world?

Well Nicster, my parents were both in showbiz – My Mum was a singer and my Dad was a comedian / instrumentalist. So it was the family trade. I simply followed them into it. It sure beats WORKING for a living.


What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Oh, that would be the work itself. I’m actually at my happiest when there’s a red light on.
But enough about my trips to Amsterdam.
When I’m working, no matter what the job is, the concentration levels are that intense and the work that enjoyable, that any worries I have (And let’s face it – We ALL have worries), are forgotten about and I enter a happy, carefree bubble. The post-show crash can be very severe sometimes. I find performing gives me a high that no alcohol, drugs or fried chicken ever could.


Do you think you have a good work/ life balance?

As I do probably 50% of my work from home, yep – I’d say so. I love my home. I’m not much of a “going out person” at all – I like slobbing out in just my pants with a bowl of ravioli or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

 Do you have a party trick….?? Details please!!!

Yes – Coming up with outlandish, yet believable excuses for not going to parties.
If I find that I HAVE to go to some sort of social gathering, as a non-drinker, I always make sure that I leave 10 minutes after a guy I’ve never met before comes up to me, hugs me, then steps back, looks at my shoes, then into my eyes and says, “I’m bloody telling ya.”
That’s always the cue to say one’s goodbyes.

What would you say to someone getting into TV, radio, voiceover now (honest answers please!!)?

I’d say, “Are you MAD?!”
No, but seriously…. I would simply say that you MUST keep things real. Be prepared for the possibility of long periods of “resting”…
Trust only those who you know for SURE you can trust…
If you DO hit any degree of success, stay grounded. Don’t be an arse…
Be nice to people on the way up – Because you’re going to want the same people to be nice to YOU on the way down…
In fact, just be nice to everyone. Nobody wants to give work to a git.


We always see the glitz and glamour of the showbiz world- are there parts of it that are REALLY not like that for you?

I refer my honourable friend to the answer I gave just a moment ago. If you have a good run of work (By that, I mean more than two years uninterrupted!), you’re a lucky so & so. If, like me, you have a family to support, you HAVE TO / MUST squirrel away what you can when the going is good. Make hay while the sun shines. An owl in a sack troubles no man.

What’s the worst part of your job?

Not doing it.

Tell us about a day in the life of Mister Greg Scott??

Lordy – Which day? This is the thing, you see – No two days are the same when work is plentiful. One day, I can be on a train to London to spend the day reading Autocue for a business training school… Another, I can be bombing over the M62 (At no more than 70mph, of course), to warm-up the audience for Countdown at Media City in Manchester. Or perhaps I can be in Worcester playing a comedy fat guy in a gym for an advert. That’s what makes the job so great – It beats sitting in an office doing the same old thing, day in, day out.

GS countdown

Tell us about your WORST EVER GIG!! Details please!!!

Oh, that’s an easy one… I hadn’t been doing audience warm-ups long – About 10 months – And I was asked to look after the audience for The Krypton Factor.
Nobody gave me any info about how the show was shot – Despite me asking over and over. “We’ll talk to you later”, they’d say – And they never did.
No one told me that when the contestants would play with plastic cubes and turn them into an internal combustion engine, that though it took 90 seconds on screen, in the studio, it took 30 minutes – And that during this time, the audience would have to sit in silence, get bored and want to go home. No-one told me that the recording would be more “stop-start” than an F-Reg Austin Allegro.
I’d only worked on Countdown up to that point, and that was an EASY show to warm up for – This was a NIGHTMARE by comparison.
Suffice it to say that after the first of the day’s shows, I’d died such a death that I actually returned to my dressing room and CRIED.
The thought of having to die again that evening was destroying me – But thank goodness I then had an idea of the structure of the recording schedule and was able to tailor some material to suit. For the second show, I was amazing, everyone loved me and we all went back to Gordon Burns’ hotel for an orgy.


When I’ve worked out how my ‘magic life wand’ works- where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

Assuming it works, I’d like to live in the Los Angeles hills, near my showbiz mate, Good Morning Britain’s Ross King. We worked together 24 years ago. And look at him now. Bastard.
ANYWAY – That’s where I’d like to move to – And I’d like to be chauffeur-driven, three days a week, to Studio City in Hollywood to record my hugely successful, primetime gameshow. One that I’ve devised, so I own the rights to it and coin-in many more millions of dollars.

Yep – That’s what I’d like if your magic wand works, Nic.

If it DOESN’T work, stick it up your arse.



Thanks, Nicster! xx



You are FABULOUS. #NicolaSaid


I hope you are well babes!


Just a quick one today, to remind you of a few things!

Firstly, never forget how wonderful you are, you are capable of anything you put your mind too.

If there’s something you want to achieve, start small and take small steps. But START NOW.

Be sure to take time for YOU. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you feel energised, rested and happy.

Don’t forget that my fabulous podcast partner and radio legend…. Neil Long and I have a beautiful, inspirational, fun and entertaining PODCAST for you!!!! Head to www.rgishow.com and DOWNLOAD OUR FABULOUS PODACSTS!!!! WOOOOPPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

K, babes that’s it for now, keep shining baby- the wonderful world needs your light!!!! #NicolaSaid

Love ya xxxx

Darling, Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle. #NicolaSaid

Darling, Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle. #NicolaSaid


How things? I hope you are fabulously well??

I’m currently on a FABULOUS #NicolaSaid adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Obvs. Babes.

I’ve been working and travelling on a fabulous cruise ship from Lisbon, Portugal allllllll the way to the west coast of Africa down to Cape Town!!! This was a HUGEEEEE bucket list trip for me. IT’S BEEN AMAZING!!!!

I always find that after a contract on the ship where I’ve travelled around the world, meeting fabulous new people, trying new things, challenging myself continually and generally having a blast- I learn so much, not only about myself but others and this wonderful world.

Here’s the biggest thing I think I’ve learnt this time, and the title of this blog:

Darling, Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle. #NicolaSaid

Let’s chat about this.

I’ve always been that person with rose- tinted glasses. I see the world and the people as this beautiful place to discover and enjoy.

There are so many different things that bring different people joy. Travel and meeting new people are HUGEEEEE ones for me. I LOVE chatting to new people, finding out about what they love, where they’ve travelled to, how they are living their lives. I FIND IT FACINATING!!

I used to think that surely you can’t have a job that combines your passions and joy in life, that’s ridiculous! Surely you can’t get paid to do things that you LOVE??!!! That’s crazy, right??!!!


Truthfully I have always gone after things that bring me joy in my work. If I’m going to spend A LOT of time doing those things they need to be joyful. For me anyway.

The thing is, those things that you are passionate about, for me it’s: travel, people, presenting, making people feel important and communication. THOSE are the things you should be doing. It’s no mistake that you are drawn to certain things or places. These are the things that you should embrace, go towards them.

I’ve often listened to others opinions about where my life should be going…..I think we’ve all been there before. Sometimes people LOVE to give you their ‘advice’ about what they see for you in your life. The thing is, it’s exactly that. YOUR LIFE. If you try, even for a month to live it for someone else, or do things you think you are ‘supposed to do’ or do things just to please other people, you will forever be unhappy or unfulfilled.

I was just chatting with a lovely lady whilst getting my nails did, oh, they are bright pink and purple thanks for asking!!!  We got chatting about working abroad, and I was telling her of my adventures working on cruise ships and she mentioned that years ago she wanted to work in the spa on cruise ships, but at the time everyone around her told her that she should be thinking about ‘buying a house and settling down’ that it’s ‘too dangerous to work abroad’ ‘it’s not worth the hassle’ ‘how would her family deal with her being away so long’ My initial thought was:


It almost made me drop off the pedicure stool!!!!!!!

So she didn’t go.


The thing is, whatever you do, and wherever you go there will ALWAYS be naysayers.

And I’ve learnt that’s OK.

NEWS FLASH!!!! You actually don’t have to listen. That’s OK too. #NicolaSaid

The difference is YOU need to know what you’re trying to achieve and you’re golden. It’s YOUR LIFE.

You will never be happy if you are always listening to what others want for YOUR life. You have these unique and wonderful gifts that the world needs. Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle. #NicolaSaid

Truly, I learnt this all myself over the last few years. I often have tried to mirror other people in radio/ TV/ travel world and NEWS FLASH!!!! It doesn’t work!!! It’s great to get ideas/ tips from people you admire, but you can’t be someone else. And why would you want to? YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!! #NicolaSaid

That’s what you need to realise, if you haven’t already. That you are fabulous, and what you have in your talents/ abilities this world needs. Think about it, what is unique to you? What is it that TRULY lights you up? FOLLOW THOSE THINGS. #NicolaSaid

A few years ago I decided to temporarily leave radio broadcasting in London and head out to sea on a beautiful cruise ship travelling the world and work in the entertainment team: travel, meeting new people, presenting and making people feel important- THIS IS ACTUALLY MY DREAM JOB. Combining all the things I naturally LOVE doing. The thing is you have to be brutally honest with yo self. What exactly is it that you want? And stop looking at the ‘how’ just start doing something, ANYTHING to get you closer to it. It’s actually amazing how things work out. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it. #NicolaSaid

And the reason for the blog title- Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle. #NicolaSaid


I feel I lost a little of my sparkle a while ago. I now know it was because I just wasn’t doing the things, surrounding myself with the people and going to the places that truly bring me joy. TRUE JOY. You know that joy that makes you TRULY light up from within, like you’ve been on a juice retreat doing yoga, in the sun for a week glow OR just a reallllyyyyyyyy good highlighter cream/ powder does the trick too…..anyways I digress…….you truly light up and I’ve found I’m much more productive/ creative/ inspired and motivated when, yes you’ve guessed it….when I’m: travelling, meeting new people, presenting and making people feel important!!!!! #NicolaSaid

Now repeat after me: “I promise to live a big, bold, beautiful and fantastical life!!!” #NicolaSaid Did you say it???? Realllyyyy??? Come on now let’s do it one more time………….

Now repeat after me: “I promise to live a big, bold, beautiful and fantastical life!!!” #NicolaSaid

OK, fabulous!!!!

What’s that? You didn’t do it? You want to sit with a cuppa watching EastEnders first, then maybe think about it? Ah.

Oh, OK, you know what that is absolutely cool. You do YOU, babes. Because yo know what that’s it, do exactly what brings YOU joy. Just never forget……. Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle. #NicolaSaid

You are more than enough, you are fabulous and you deserve to sparkle. SHINE BRIGHT BABY!!!!!!

K, that’s it, for now 

Chat soon yeah?

Love you,

Love me xxxxx


Just DO. #NicolaSaid



Hey babes!

I’ve missed you! I’ve been out gallivanting around the world. This is my thing. Travel. I flippin LOVE IT. Obvs. Babes. #NicolaSaid

Do you ever get that ‘OHHHHHH’ feeling, when something GREAT/ AMAZING/ FABULOUS/ FUN/ MEMORABLE is over? You know if you come back from an amazing holiday/ wedding celebrations are over/ a job contract finishes…..whatevs. and you just get sad because it’s finished??? You kind of want it to just last FOREVER?? Yas?? I get that A LOT….I mean A LOT!!!

Recently I’ve been creating my own life path (rather dramatic Nic)…..more about this later, but I’ve just been REALLLYYYYY enjoying every moment. My brother got married/ I saw a lot of my family (and because I work away a lot this was AMAZING!!!)/ I had an AMAZING summer working on a fabulous ship travelling and meeting amazing people/ I partied/ ate/ drank/ created new ideas/ presented TV shows and just truly enjoyed EVERYTHING!!!! Then it came to an end. As ALL great things do. That made me slightly sad. 😦 I’ve this feeling before, and I’m sure I’ll feel it again. BUT this time I started thinking more about WHY we feel like that.

Firstly it’s completely normal. Of course we want good things to be never-ending. They make us feel good, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But this time I wanted to embrace everything that had happened all those experiences, people I’d met, fun times that had been created and importantly remember everything I’ve learnt from all this. Because NOTHING is ever wasted. Everything we go through good or bad is a learning experience. It’s building the fabulous person you are today and continue to be. #NicolaSaid

Think about it like this, let’s use holidays…….most people get ‘that feeling’ nearing the end of a fabulous holiday, they don’t want to go home, they’ve had such a great time with family and friends, relaxed, ate and drank lots and partied (maybe :):) who wouldn’t THAT to end???!! But let’s re frame it.  Think about that beautiful time you’ve spent with your loved ones, the memories made and how relaxed and refreshed you now feel!!! I tried this out after finishing my last cruise ship contract, which was fabulous! I spent a few days with a good friend in Barcelona just enjoying EVERYTHING!!! Obvs. Babes. Then as that feeling came of ‘OHHH NOOOOOOOOO DON’T END!!!!’ I started to make plans, things I wanted to achieve, family/ friends I wanted to spend time with, blogs I wanted to write!!! And this gave me a new, refreshed focus.

I am HUGEEEEEEEEEE believer in absolutely LIVING LARGE! If you follow me on Instagram…. oh now you’ve asked…… it’s @NicolaSaidVoice 🙂 You’ll see that. But I do think it’s important to remember to fully embrace all the experiences you have, and use them all to create the next part of your story.

Something BIG I’ve learnt this summer is to keep moving forward, keep bettering yourself, learning new things, sharing ideas. Everything is teaching us a lesson, giving us a new experience so that we can move forward to the next fabulous part of our lives. The good times are never over, there are soooooooo many more good times and experiences to come. Just because one good thing ends, don’t think that’s it! Think about what else you’d like to achieve? Where you’d like to travel to next? What business venture you want to create/ build? IT’S FLIPPING EXCITING!! #NicolaSaid

You actually create YOUR OWN REALITY. #NicolaSaid

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the notion of you attract what you are ready for.

Someone once said to me that whatever you put out into the universe it delivers back what you want. HUH??? I didn’t buy that.

BUT it’s true. As soon as YOU believe you are ready to receive good things into your life, they start appearing, be that in job opportunities/ travel/ whatevs. Now, don’t get me wrong you can’t just think things into existence but you can start to put things into ACTION. if you want to travel and work maybe start looking at travel companies/ opportunities in other countries or maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own business venture? Start to surround yourself with people who have done it, ask questions, hang out at business fairs……what ever it is just start.

As soon as you start looking, putting the wheels in motion you’ll notice opportunities coming your way and it’s exciting!!! Don’t be afraid to try. If not now, WHEN??

There is soooooo much just waiting out there for you gorgeous!!! Go grab it!!!



OK, that’s it for now, LOVE YOU LOADS!!!!

Nicola xxx 





#NicolaSaid Lessons Learnt. Babes.


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It’s been ages. Soz.

If you follow me on Social Media, Ah now you’ve asked:

Twitter: @NicolaSaidVoice

Instagram: nicolasaidvoice

I’ve been traveling/ working/ filming (my absolute passions combined) this fabulously glittery world of ours for the past 6 months. It’s been truly AMAZING. #NicolaSaid

After years of travel/ taking risks/ embracing change/ taking lots of selfies in exotic locations/ laughing all over the world all whilst trying to bring some snippets of #NicolaSaid inspiration to this fabulous world of ours, I’ve learnt a lot of valuable life lessons through these experiences. There’s a few that I particularly wanted to share with you beautiful peeps on my #NicolaSaid blog-YAY.

So as I said…..If you follow me on the Social Medias: AHEM…..

Twitter: @NicolaSaidVoice

Instagram: nicolasaidvoice

You’ll see that I’m generally found pouting in various exotic locations whilst consuming my body weight in local cheese and vino, whilst attempting to gather up the locals to appear on my HIT SHOW inspirational travels with #NicolaSaid as you’ve asked….. billions of peeps around the world are watching it……well my muma, auntie Ethel and my baby niece. ANYWAYS, this is my life right now. And I ABSOLUTELY love it. I work and travel the world, on-board luxury cruise liners, And it’s FABULOUS. However, as with most things it has it’s ups and downs.

So here’s a few things I’ve learnt, which have genuinely changed my mind-set and outlook on life.  I feel they can be applied to everyone, anywhere.


#NicolaSaid Life Lesson 1

In order to grow you MUST feel uncomfortable.

This one is MASSIVE. I can’t remember a time where I started something new, made a massive change or did something for the first time that it wasn’t uncomfortable. Sorry, it’s true.


I specifically remember being on an absolutely RAMMED tube in London heading to work. I remember looking around and thinking “Is this it?” “Is this my life?” “Surely there HAS to be more to life than this?”

*#NicolaSaid personal fact: I can’t stand routine, OK, OK, I’m well aware we need SOME of that in our lives but I do LOVE to mix things up daily, as I’ve grown to be really happy with that. Some of us are just wired like that. And that’s great!#NicolaSaid

Anyways, I’ve always had a passion for travel and thought how can I travel AND work? BINGO!! Cruise liners! FABULOUS!

Now here’s the thing…..it all sounds great, but you actually have to get up and take ACTION. Obvs. Babes. I googled cruise liners, up popped an agency who hired, a week later I had an interview and BAM 3 weeks later I was in Florida heading on a Disney Cruise Liner!

Sounds great huh?! It was, but my lesson here is that none of this happened without me feeling realllyyyy uncomfortable at some points. There a A LOT do before you leave the country to work on board a cruise liner: visas, medical, safety training, saying goodbyes to family and friends for months on end. But in order to grow and find all those fabulous opportunities out there you must take a leap!

The #NicolaSaid HOW THOUGH?

Soooooo a lot of people have asked me about my lifestyle, keeping positive etc, and it’s not always easy making big life changes and taking chances. BUT I’ve learnt that if you accept the fact that change is ALWAYS going to feel strange, and you’ll almost definitely be this beautiful mix of scared and excited. BUT the main thing to do is to just breathe and do it anyway. Think about this……however things work out you’ve had an amazing experience and most importantly learnt something new about yourself and this world of ours. So GO FOR IT, TRY…..

Here’s the usual #NicolaSaid process of tackling something new:

Get excited about doing new things take action to make new thing happen- things start looking up- excited again- something happens to get in the way of new thing- I regret taking action on new thing- an opportunity arises- I take it- GET EXCITED about new thing- tweet/ Instagram about new thing- start to get nervous as new thing is coming up- think up reasons I perhaps don’t actually have to do new thing- perfect combination of excited and scared- NEW THING IS HAPPENING TODAY- feel uncomfortable- remember why I started new thing (as I hate being too comfortable :)) Feel fear- Push past that- Feel nervous- DO NEW THING AND FEEL AMAZINGGGG!!! think why don’t I do this all the time *whilst doing new thing- FEEL EXHILARATED!! – Have lots more ideas- New opportunities start to appear due to doing new thing- Feel great!- Start taking action on next new thing. PHEW. FABULOUS. #NicolaSaid

#NicolaSaid Moral

Go out there and start to make things happen for you. It doesn’t have to be this big huge thing. Just start small. Do something to get you closer to a more fun and fulfilling life! #NicolaDoes

 #NicolaSaid Lesson Number two

Stop hating on things, get out and change things.

Another MASSIVE one.

Instead of commenting on how bad things are, how about getting out and making them a little better.


I LOVE to spread more positivity, joy and mainly FUN into this world. #NicolaSaid It’s just a fact.

Just call me the Positivity and Fun Ambassador.

A few years back, I found myself being sucked into others negativity and bad vibes. Also I was reading newspapers and watching the news more and really found that the bad news etc was really getting to me. If you know me, you’ll know that bad vibes don’t go with ANY of my outfit’s so I started this very blog. It was a way to get my thoughts/ experiences/ good vibes back out to the world. Blogs are powerful as you never know how many people you could be reaching, so that was my plan to write realistically about lessons I’d learnt from living life FULLY! With hope of encouraging others to do the same. #NicolaSaid

There is enough bad stuff going on in this world of ours that why bring more? Let’s bring more joy to people. #NicolaSaid

It really is amazing how many people you can reach through sharing your talents/ gifts. Make the change you want to see most in this world. It’s like this: if you authentically share the things you love with this glamorous world of ours, it’s like you are giving permission to others to do the same. SHINE BRIGHT BABY!!! #NicolaSaid

OK, I’m off babes……the sun is out so that means….. RUM!!! Hahahaha!!

Love ya!

Love me xx














Be a Life Enthusiast. #NicolaSaid




Oh this? Just hanging out with Sandra the FABULOUS swan. In Thailand. You are so welcome. #NicolaSaid

It’s been wayyyyyy to long and I’ve missed you! I know, I know, you’ve been emotional without me too……it’s OK….I’M BACK….full of adventures/ stories/ lessons learnt and EVEN MORE POSITIVE VIBES!!!! BOOM! X #NicolaSaidANDISBACK

I hope you are fabulously well and that you’ve been living fully! Well, where to even start…..in a nutshell in the last few months I’ve left my job in broadcasting in London, for now, to jet off around this gorgeous world on a luxury ship- hosting, presenting, voice work AND dressing up as a giant PANDA…yep you heard.

I know what you’re thinking…I NEED THAT PANDA HAT….yep.

So it’s been a FABULOUS/ adventurous/ exciting whirlwind and I’ve absolutely been LOVING LIFE! I wanted to write a blog about being a life enthusiast, about REALLY doing what YOU love and chasing it baby!! I know it’s difficult sometimes, especially with social media, we are constantly bombarded with this glossy view of others Peoples “perfect lives” of engagements, amazing new jobs, tropical holidays, promotions etc, etc…you get the point. What we need to remember is that is a reallllyyyy teeny weeny part of peoples lives and ONLY THE GOOD BITS. You sometimes feel like you are soooo not winning at life, but I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE, you are just in your own lane and going at life at your OWN PACE. It’s cool gorgeous! #NicolaSaid


If you’ve ever felt like you are overwhelmed with where you are at in life, by playing that dangerous game of COMPARING yourself with others on social media or in real life, please read on…..I have…..and I’ve come up with 5 BEAUTIFUL things you can do RIGHT NOW to make your soul sing again!!!! #NicolaSaid

WOOP great! Then let’s do this thang gorgeous!!!

  1. Try to switch off from social media once in a awhile. We all love a bit of social media action, let’s be honest! However, over the last few months as I’ve been travelling and working away, and doing the THINGS I LOVE, I’ve genuinely found it soooooo liberating to just set a time to check ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS (I love saying that!!) and not scroll through continually looking at EVERYONE’S timeline. But also let’s be honest….who doesn’t need to know which Disney Princess they look like most by uploading their very first FaceyB profile pic…..I digress…. Spending time off SM gives you a chance to actually connect with what’s right in front of you and actually LIVE IN THE MOMENT.
  2. NEVER apologize for who you are. This is sooooo important. Are you at your happiest when you are racing into the ocean? Writing a new play? Jumping out of a plane, skydiving? Painting? Dressing up as a panda and dancing around a cruise ship? Oh, Just me then….anyways…..You know those moments where you feel like you are truly living and your soul is completely happy? It usually happens when you are being completely true to yourself. Doing things/ activities that YOU love and that bring you fully to life, and not worrying about what others are doing….and basically just having an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!! THIS my gorgeous friends is when you become THE LIGHT, not literally you understand that would just be ridiculous or would it……



I digress….again…. but when you are doing things that YOU truly love you become a beacon of light that positively radiates out into the world. WOW DEEP RIGHT?! It’s sooooo true though, the world needs more people doing what they TRULY love then share it with this FABULOUS world. #NicolaSaid


3. Only surround yourself with those WONDERFUL people who remind you of your FABULOUSNESS: It’s soooo important who you surround yourself with. Remember: It’s YOUR choice. If someone is giving you bad vibes or not encouraging you in your goals/ ambitions/ leading a fabulous life of doing what YOU want….let them go. You deserve better gorgeous. Always be kind, but be very aware of who you are spending your precious time with. I think it’s so important that you don’t chase people, I truly believe that the people who are truly meant to be in your life will appear and stay- and most importantly love and encourage you for just being YOU!!!! Those are your people. Love, encourage and have MASSIVE bantz those WONDERFUL people. #NicolaSaid

4. Be wide open to change and embrace it. When I’d decided to go and work on the beautiful cruise liners again, and let me tell you it was not an easy decision. There were tears, LOTS OF CHATS, soul searching, questions- am I doing the right thing?? the list goes on…..once all this had passed, and I asked myself the ultimate question: “Are you living fully?” Now the answer to this is different for everybody, but for me was a big resounding “NO!!!”. And that was it, I had to do something that would bring my magic back. For me, that is travel + work. I must say this was not an easy decision. I was leaving my job, family, boyfriend, home. HOWEVER, sometimes what we need most is a BIG PHAT CHANGE AND AN ADVENTURE!!!! #NicolaSaid So after lots of organising and packing…..I have one full case of heels I travel with!! TRUTH!! I was off on my next adventure!! I’m not gonna lie, after 3 years of being in one place, back in London, being able to see my family whenever I wanted (I’m very close to my family….hence ALLLLLL the social media pics…hahahah!!) It was definitely difficult to leave…..to change EVERYTHING…It’s actually VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. But SOOOOOO worth it, we must remember that we can’t keep dreams/ goals/ ambitions on hold because we are worried about missing family/ friends/ partners etc…..remember this: YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK!!!! #NicolaSaid AND DOES!!! When you take on a new adventure that involves lots of change its most terribly exciting AND terrifying at the exact same time. AND THAT’S OK. BABES. Just jump into it, embrace it and trust me the people you will meet, the adventures you will have and the memories you will collect are absolutely priceless!!! GO DO IT!!!! #NicolaSaid AND DOES!!!

5. Let it go. If there’s one thing I could say I’ve massively learnt in the past year, it’s the most powerful lesson ever…..the art of LETTING IT GO. There have been sooooo many times in the past year I could have held onto anger/ jealously/ comparison….But no, the only person that suffers is YOU. Don’t hold onto any of this shiz. Don’t allow any of this to take up your valuable time or space in your mind. If you are holding onto anything right now, deal with it, talk to someone, then let that go!!!! YOU are wayyyyyy to precious and you have soooooo many beautiful adventures to go on to have anything holding you back!!! #NicolaSaid

K GORGEOUS I gotta dash I’ve found out that pumpkin martini’s ARE A THING. Sooooo laters beautiful!!

Love and positive vibes. Obvs.

Nicola xxx


BE AN IRREPRESSIBLE LIFE FORCE. Be kind. Be Funny. Be adventurous. BE YOU. #NicolaSaid







The Art of ACTION. #NicolaSaid

Greetings GORGEOUS!!!

I hope you are well? What’s happening? What’s new and exciting with you?? Tell me! Tweet me @NicolaSaidVoice

I want to chat to you about the art of taking ACTION! I’m not coming at you with ALL the answers I’m here to STIR YOUR SOUL BABY!!

How many times have you said “Oh I’ll look for that new job tomorrow?” or “I’ll look into that course I’ve always wanted to do….TOMORROW!” “I’ll exercise…..TOMORRROOWOWWW!!!” Hey, we’ve ALL BEEN THERE! And let’s be honest that happens to US ALL at some point, but I ‘ve got some #NicolaSaid tips to get you moving on that action path!


  1. Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable.
  2. Nothing exciting ever comes from comfort zones. Apart from blankets. OBVS.
  3. Set small, achievable goals. AND SMASH THEM.
  4. STOP trying to fit someone else’s NORMAL of YOU. Do YOUR thing.
  5. Remember you’ve never been NORMAL. YOU were put here to disrupt the vibration of this earth. Follow YOUR passion.
  6. Remember this is YOUR journey, stop comparing yourself to others. That is not YOUR journey.
  7. Always be looking for the next BEST version of yourself.
  8. Lifting others higher doesn’t change or disrupt YOUR path- it helps!
  9. Run towards inconvenience, until it becomes your norm. Break through the uncomfortable barriers between you and your dreams/ goals/ ambitions.
  10. JUST BE YOURSELF throughout the entire process!!!

Don’t get me wrong being comfortable is beautiful when you’re in a massive, comfy blanket, watching Christmas movies, with a large Bailey’s. OBVS. But NEVER be afraid to jump out of your personal comfort zone once in a while. Beautiful things happen there. You’ll never know if you never try.

You’ve got this gorgeous!!

Love and positive vibes!!


Nicola xx




The importance of finding YOUR passion. #NicolaSaid

Firstly let me just say…..YOU ARE UTTERLY FABULOUS! YOU are doing great, keep going beautiful!! #NicolaSaid


#BIGUP the utterly fabulously talented @NatalyaChagrin  for this marvellous photo! Check her out!! natalyaheadshots.com #NicolaSaid

I don’t think people are told enough just how WONDERFUL they are. And they should be. I want you to remember that whatever you are doing/ going through at the moment it WILL get better. Just keep going. #NicolaSaid

Ok…..so let’s chat about your true passion in life. I think sometimes we allow ourselves to be pigeon holed into boxes, that to be honest just aren’t meant for us. Whether it someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life or naysayers trying to put you off YOUR path. Whatever it is, I want to tell you that it’s perfectly ok to just listen to YOU. #NicolaSaid


#BIGUP Jack Keruoac for this FABULOUS quote! I flipping love this as it sooooo true. This is YOUR beautiful life. Live it for YOU. #NicolaSaid

You know those things that truly set your soul on fire? Do more of that. If something really makes YOU happy, don’t worry what everyone else is doing, concentrate on YOUR path and trust me- YOUR marvellous #goodvibe tribe will come. You will begin to realise that you are surrounded by people who support/ encourage and lift you higher. And that my friends is BEAUTIFUL. Keep going gorgeous. YOU got this. #NicolaSaid

                                                            Love and positive vibes!!


                                                                        Nicola xxx

Hello is it me you’re looking for……? YES! #NicolaSaid

Oh hey there gorgeous!!

It’s been a while………..how are you doing? I hope all is going great with you, and that you are happy!

Soooooo you may have noticed I’ve not graced you with some #NicolaSaid blogs in a while…..*cue tears* hahaha! Well I’ve been LIVING TO THE MAX! I decided a while ago that August was going to be a month of pure and utter JOY! Spent with the people and places I love. Spending time doing the things I love. And what a month it has been. #NicolaSaid

I think it’s so important to take care of YOURSELF, it’s not selfish to make sure that YOU are happy and fulfilled. In fact it’s paramount. #NicolaSaid

Life for me, is all about being surrounded by fabulous humans who lift you higher, love you no matter what, inspire you….oh…..and make you laugh until your face hurts! But also in turn I know that in order to be that FABULOUS human back to these gorgeous people, I must be sure I’m in a beautiful place first. #NicolaSaid

In short it was time to get back to me. I naturally absolutely adore all life has to offer, and I truly believe we are here to have an ABSOLUTE BLAST! I think sometimes we can get wayyyyyyy to caught up in our heads, worrying about the future and maybe don’t spend enough time doing things that set our souls on fire!


What I’ve re- learnt this FABULOUS month: #beyourbestyou

  • YOU absolutely MUST take time for YOU.
  • Be very aware of who you surround yourself with.
  • Don’t be afraid of distancing yourself from people who don’t make you feel like the utterly fabulously wonderful human that you really are!
  • Spend time doing things that set your soul on fire baby!
  • ALWAYS make time for fabulous family and friends.
  • NEVER stop learning.

So how about taking some time this weekend and doing some things for YOU? After all you truly do deserve it! #NicolaSaid

Have a beautiful weekend y’all!!!


Love and positive vibes!

Nicola xxx







YOU can ALWAYS start a new chapter. #NicolaSaid


How you doing? Hope all is fabulous with you?

I wanted to chat to you about starting new chapters.

I want you to know that it’s NEVER too late to start a new one.


Whatever it may be. A new job. Moving away. Studying. Re- studying. Purchasing those FABULOUS new heels. Whatever it is, don’t worry, it’s NEVER TOO LATE TO START SOMETHING NEW.

Try not to look for the things that could go wrong. Start looking for the things that could go beautifully right!

I’ve always been a big believer of going for what makes you happy, if you’re feeling stuck perhaps, no longer fulfilled/ challenged why not go for something that potentially could put you on an extremely exciting path! GO FOR IT!

Don’t get side tracked by things/ people who try to put you off your goals and dreams. It’s OK to do what’s right for YOU. This is YOUR one and beautiful life. Do what’s right for YOU gorgeous!


Love and positive vibes!!


Nicola xxx